Flooding: the damage, the danger, and the disruptions

And the four best ways to address it

Picture this: the skies darken and the air starts to tingle. A storm arrives and with it a deluge of rain, eager to fill up the dams and ready to tumble fast into the riverbeds. We stay inside our homes and watch the downpour, warm and cosy.

Then the rivers burst, splashing into the streets, seeping through the cities and flooding muddy waters into our once cosy homes. The world can change on the whim of nature and it can happen in a matter of hours, or even minutes. Continue reading “Flooding: the damage, the danger, and the disruptions”

Infographic: Why you should care about non-revenue water

Did you know that a high non-revenue water (NRW) rate could affect your quality of life in more ways than you think? Or has it occurred to you that USD 9 million worth of water is being lost annually in Asia, for example? Learn more about NRW in this infographic:
Continue reading “Infographic: Why you should care about non-revenue water”

How to break down barriers with social learning

The role of serious gaming in tackling water governance challenges

Transitions towards sustainable water governance will likely require innovative learning partnerships between a variety of stakeholders. It is essential that such partnerships involve novel methods for communicating ideas and knowledge while offering an enabling environment to connect various stakeholder groups informally. Continue reading “How to break down barriers with social learning”