Safeguarding coastal biodiversity with ecological engineering

The rapid pace of development in coastal areas often comes at an environmental and ecological cost, with the accelerated loss of coastal nearshore habitats such as seagrass meadows and mangrove forests. However, the presence of these nearshore coastal habitats play an important role in the maintenance of resilience of coastal cities and populations. They confer resilience via ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, moderation of natural hazards and nutrient cycling. There is a recognised and urgent need to stem the loss of these valuable habitats in balance with infrastructure development and economic needs. Continue reading “Safeguarding coastal biodiversity with ecological engineering”

Creating positive environmental impacts with artificial reefs

How to recover good environmental status with new marine habitats

Marine structures – such as piers, windmills and bridges – typically have a bad name when it comes to their effects on the environment. But did you know that their existence could impact marine environments positively too? Continue reading “Creating positive environmental impacts with artificial reefs”