Here’s the answer to eco-friendly dredging

Millions of cubic metre seabed material is dredged and pushed around every year for various purposes. Disturbing the seabed constitutes a source of pollution and while dredging supports fundamental needs of societies, tough legislation is in place to protect the marine environment and keep pollution in check. Environmental protection agencies around the world are constantly raising the bar, which puts innovation at the heart of the dredging industry to drive new green technologies.

So how can one ensure that dredging activities are carried out in an environmentally friendly way? The answer: by using modelling software!

Dr. Jacob Hjelmager Jensen, Head of Projects at DHI, answers our questions about the role of computer models in dredging today and shares his insight on how models will drive innovation going forward in this digital age.  Continue reading “Here’s the answer to eco-friendly dredging”

Diving deep into the problem of ocean acidification

What is ocean acidification? 

Ocean acidification is an effect of atmospheric carbon dioxide entering the ocean, lowering the water’s pH and increasing its acidity levels. High levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is largely an effect of human activities, such as deforestation for agriculture or fuel, but it is mainly caused by the burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas – to produce large amounts of concentrated energy at a relatively low cost.  Continue reading “Diving deep into the problem of ocean acidification”

Myth or Fact? The concept of ‘Working with Nature’ for maritime infrastructure projects

Most maritime infrastructure projects are required to undergo vigorous environmental and cultural or social impact assessments before being given the green light to be implemented. These evaluations look out for evidence demonstrating avoidance, minimisation or mitigation of impacts in the preparation, actual construction and post-construction phases.

We ask Juan C. Savioli, Head of the Coastal and Estuarine Department in our office in Malaysia, six questions on ‘Working with Nature’ and whether it is possible to integrate this concept into marine infrastructure designs. Continue reading “Myth or Fact? The concept of ‘Working with Nature’ for maritime infrastructure projects”