Floating wind farms: A new dimension to offshore wind energy

It is hard to deny that the demand for more energy is growing at a rapid pace on a global scale. As a result of this, different methods and solutions have been deployed to crack energy supply challenges throughout the past couple of decades. Especially renewable energy sources, such as wind power and solar energy, stand out as ways to reduce the impact fossil fuels have on global warming. Continue reading “Floating wind farms: A new dimension to offshore wind energy”

Automated bird monitoring in offshore wind farms

Compliance with regulatory requirements increasingly demands clear evidence on how birds behave within and around wind farms. To meet this demand, automated multi-sensor monitoring systems such as MUSE have been developed to provide robust data on real-life bird behaviour at and within wind farms. The MUSE system is based on integrated radar and digital camera(s) and was developed during a four-year pioneering investigation on seabird behaviour at offshore wind turbines; the Carbon Trust Bird Collision Avoidance Study 2014-2017. Continue reading “Automated bird monitoring in offshore wind farms”

Global Wind Day: How do wind turbines work?

Celebrating the power of wind

Thanks to global efforts and agreements such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in tackling climate change, we are observing a boom in renewable energy growth, especially in wind energy. Continue reading “Global Wind Day: How do wind turbines work?”